Fabric Labels

Fabric Labels

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  • STANDARD SIZE 2-1/2" X 3/4"

 Starting at $65 for printed thermal.


Matt Label offers a wide variety of printed labels that include:

Hot Stamp - We are able to print up to two colors using this process. Materials include Satin, Polyester, & Acetate. This process uses dry inks so we are limited in colors.

Thermal Process - This process is what we call computer to the machine. We are able to eliminate any plates and set up charge. Thermal printing is limited to one type of material which is Satin and our color print is limited to white or black print. This process is usually great for care label and small runs.

Flexo Print - This process we are able to print eight colors total. Our printing expert is able to match a large variety of colors or you can choose a color from our Pantone books. With this process, Matt Label can print on a large variety of materials. We have multiple machines available to get production out in a timely manner.