Custom Printed Thermal Labels

At Matt Label Inc, we specialize in custom label printing for individuals that either displays care instructions, a brand name or logo, or just a few lines of text.

Thermal printed labels are the easiest and most cost effective way in customizing your brand. Whether you have just a logo, few lines of text, or even a QR code. Thermal labels are produces via laser printed and can only be printed with one color, which may be the best choice when starting a brand or doing a test run. We can take on any size job, and additionally adjust your artwork to make sure it prints correctly to ensure proper quality standards. Thermal labels are also heat sealed when cut so there will not be any fray with these labels. The material used in this production process is satin so these labels will blend well with whatever garment they are sewed into. 

Having your label folded is also something to consider when you want to add an additional layer of creativity. The type of label folds that are offered, is the end fold and the centerfold.

Dimensions Offered:

  • Half Inch ½ (.5") - One and a half inches 1 ½ (1.25") in height
  • Maximum approximate length can be up to five inches (5")

Ink Colors Available:

  • Black (White Or Ivory Satin Only)
  • White (Black Satin Only)
  • Gold (Only Ivory Satin)

Satin Material Colors Available:

  • Black Satin
  • White Satin
  • Ivory Satin

Turnaround Time:

  • 1 - 3 Days Depending On Complexity
  • Approval Required
  • Made In House In Los Angeles

When inquiring for a quote regarding custom label production, please include what you may want added:

  • Dimensions
  • Care Instructions
  • Washing Care Symbols
  • Sizing ( S / M / L )
  • Material Color
  • Ink Color
  • Font(s)
  • Website
  • QR Code
  • Type Of Fold
  • Social Media Handle
  • Contact Details
  • Artwork ( .Ai File / Vector - Black .JPG )


All production that is made here, can not be matched with previous suppliers or orders from different manufacturers. Material, Ink & Production style will always be different. We aim to provide the highest quality/service ratio.

Each production service has different minimums, and different competition timing depending on complexity. 

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