Custom Woven Labels

A woven label is an excellent method to add elegance to your outfits. Individual stitches provide a more long-lasting appearance. It's a high-end option that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit or garment. Even though this type of production is not as cost effective, we recommended this product for many customers that want to take their brand to the next level. 

Woven labels are generally much more durable because of the material used to create the label, how it's been weaved, and it's ability to sustain much more wash cycles. Additionally, woven garment labels have more utility on clothing because of the possible placement of the label. These labels are stitched into the neck lining of the garment, but can also be stitched on the outer arm of a T-shirt, as well as the bottom of a T-shirt for additional brand awareness. 

Having your label folded is also something to consider when you want to add an additional layer of creativity. The type of label folds that are offered, is the end fold and the centerfold.

Since this type of label is purely custom, pricing will be determined by size, colors, and complexity. 

Dimensions offered for this product are:

  • Custom Size Dimensions


  • Maximum Of 4 Individual Colors
  • Pantone Colors

When inquiring for a quote regarding a custom woven label production, please include what you may want added:

  • Dimensions
  • Care Instructions
  • Washing Care Symbols
  • Sizing ( S / M / L ) * Additional Charges *
  • Pantone Color Code / Number
  • Font(s)
  • Website
  • QR Code
  • Type Of Fold
  • Social Media Handle
  • Contact Details
  • Logo Artwork ( .Ai File /  Vector Artwork Only )


All production that is made here, can not be matched with previous suppliers or orders from different manufacturers. Material, Ink & Production style will always be different. We aim to provide the highest quality/service ratio.

Each production service has different minimums, and different competition timing depending on complexity. 

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