A study has shown the importance of hang tags and how they help to improve sales. Hang tags are highly needed in a clothing or fabric store as they call attention easily and bring in more sales.


Hang tags make some customers to sight products easily. They notice the socially responsible practices of each brand and how they were spread out or communicated in short messages, alongside the logo of the brand. These hang tags and the messages communicated are the end result of printings which could've been done with various printing machines.


An online article with analysis of data gathered from consumers proves the following:


  • The use of explicit messages and logos produce favorable evaluations of hang tags and positive attitudes toward the apparel brand, which predicted purchase intentions. Findings provide a basis for the development of policy regarding the regulation of information presented on hang tags.


  • Businesses seeing the importance of this will wake up to maximizing the benefit of hang tags for their fabrics as this is a shortcut to fast success before any unfavorable policy will be made as stated in the above extract from an online article.


The 21st century is filled with different modes of advertisements, especially the one that relies on social media and the advantage of the internet. Many marketers believe that traditional method of marketing will die down, but one thing that won't die down in the next hundred years is the use of hang tags, because it's an attention gripping technique in itself, as long as the design for the hang tag was properly done. In this sense, hang tags stand as a self-advertisement approach that speaks without actually speaking.


Matt Label Inc has stood for years and still stands today as a source of the solution to business owners in this area, ranging from hand tag labels created via flexo printing or thermal printing, and many other means.




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