Care label can be viewed as signboards since they do the same thing in the clothing company, with what the signboards on the streets will do— point you to what you should note duly. They also serve as guides in selfsame time. They give directions to how a garment made of linen or satin or cotton should be handled, how it should be taken care of while laundering, how it should be decorated and so on.


Some other times and in many ways, they could also be viewed as Messiah! Yes, that’s right!

Imagine if your customers had their laundry without reading the care labels. Also, imagine if they decorated the material with the wrong threads or they missed the construction techniques. Who will they blame— themselves or you, as a clothing manufacturer? A million times you!


Very many times, they’d even leave a bad report or negative feedback and above all, they’re dissatisfied! All these could easily have been avoided if they read the care label, right? The care label could also have been easily accessible if well-designed and positioned.


Many manufacturers worry their heads about the care label positioning and its design. But isn’t manufacturing enough work already? Why not contract your care label design out to label makers? I know of one with very reputable reports. They’re Matt label inc. and they’ve been around since 1996 and are still rolling. Contact them at


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