When hang tags are to be created or designed, many things are to be put in perspective— the brand identity of the company in question, their unique selling point, the target audience etc. If all these are understood and positioned properly, the designed and printed hang tags will lead to an additional sale as it draws attention to itself. For example, let's assume different types of products from different manufacturers are arranged in a retail shop but all the products have the same color and similar designs (e.g. black T-shirts or children socks).


The only point of uniqueness a product will have is the hang tag and the woven logo label provided the manufacturer has a well designed beautiful hang tag that is of total different color from other products because this is when the hang tag will stand out and call for a closer attention from the potential customer. Attention gotten means a chance of 50% of being purchased above another set of products.


It's advisable that a short introduction about the product should be made also, such a short message should be so catchy that the potential buyer gets emotionally hooked to the product. This is a bold step and an act of winning that all businesses should inculcate to stay above their game in the hot competition hovering over the market.




The brand of a company as earlier said has an audience, it has a demographic of people it wishes to always attract and sell too, how the brand projects this lifestyle is very important. This projection of lifestyle can be easily done via the hang tag printings, the type of image used in the tag can make a buyer conclude maybe the product is for his or her own type of lifestyle, the fact remains, in this 21st century, customers buy less of quality as the primary decision making factor.


Customers purchase products when they fit into their lifestyle. They buy when the product connects to their emotions, one way or the other. The understanding of these decision-making factors of buyers will educate companies to position themselves via their printing of hang tags.


Hang tags should contain both the information about the product and brand, but they should also project lifestyle and connect to emotions— this is a good strategy and this is how to win. Matt Label Inc also can make you win by carrying out all your hang tag printing services, we believe in winners, so we make them ourselves by giving the best to their businesses in form of hang tags, woven labels, printed labels care labels etc.



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