In time has this, hang tags printings are not far-fetched. As a matter of fact, from whence ever you are now, walking a few blocks away will reward you with at least a label maker or company. But getting one is not enough. Getting a good one is! In a time where everyone wants quick fixes, fast profit and all, not so many people care about the quality of the hang tags. I mean, both the customer & the label maker are all in a hurry for “better things” other than wasting some “precious time” on “ordinary” hang tags design. (I put all those words above in inverted comma just so you know they’re not as meant)


But, are we not supposed to do everything in order? Have we lost thirst for professionalism? Have we? I know we all think good things are too expensive. But this is not always true. With Matt Label Inc you’re assured of a good service at a very subsidized rate. What do you stand to gain by coming to Matt Label Inc?


The first and the most important thing is that you have twice the space for information as the contemporary companies around. This will, in turn, give you a kind of avenue whereby you can write as much information as possible on the hang tags. Imagine having an hang tags that already contains the clothing material, the percentage composition i.e. 40% cotton or whatsoever., contains the name of the company and its motto ALL IN BOLD LETTERS compared to the ones in which the customer who wants to check out the material has to strain his eyes before he sees the details. Hence, the question; “what if he’s got an impaired vision?”


Second is this; you’d be open to choose from a variety of premium cardstocks, add string holes for easy hanging and brand packaging. Look at that! To stop with a few mentions, you’d also open to choose from any lettering whatsoever you want on your products. This is so because many people end up complaining about the lettering used. So, problem solved! You choose yourself!


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