The care label has been itchy before from the back of my T-shirt, I felt like removing it with immediate effect, especially during the time it happened. It was a sun blooming summer; the sun was shining as if it had no mercy. Have you been in this similar shoe before? If you have, before you angrily remove the care label as I wanted to, try to know what it was meant for as a person or as a growing company. The care label has many information and functions. This article will only be based on the primary one.



The care label which is also known as garment tag includes information about the material of the product, making it essential for consumer decisions. This is actually for consumers that care about the material from which a product was made, some consumers actually care less.  

Synthetic materials are often passed off as the real thing, but with the help of care label, you determine whether you are paying a fair price for something. Because the type of materials used sometimes determine the worth of the product.


The material also determines whether a garment is appropriate for a particular situation and period. Let's consider a cotton cardigan to a wool cardigan. A wool cardigan provides warmth, whereas a cotton cardigan is breathable and less suitable for cold weather. Knowing these two through the care label, you could determine the appropriate cardigan to buy be it winter or summer. Another good example; fabrics like Lycra are stretchy and cling to the body, whereas others like satin are inflexible and provide a structured look.


Understanding a material type will determine the approach of washing, the exposure to the sun, and the level of spinning or dryness via a washing machine. Lack of access to this information can lead to unhealthy washing; thus, drastically reduce the lifespan of the product.


With this basic information, a company will see how important it is to have a care label and the best way to do this is to trust Matt Label Inc for such a beautiful project. Many companies have trusted till now, and they still trust. Join the league and make your company proud.



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